Swollen Pickle Fuzz Pedal $100.00

The most sought after and corpulent Way Huge pedal is back! The Swollen Pickle MkII surrenders super high-gain fuzz with copious amounts of smooth low-end to all who dare plug into it. With a twist of the Sustain control, you’re taken from mild crunch to Armageddon! The Filter control retains its trademark insane range of heavily band-pass-filtered tones, distinguished by remarkable girth and sizzle, and the Loudness puts out enough volume to clobber any amp! Newly added features include a tone stack Scoop control that elicits classic Swollen Pickle mid-scoop or a flat mid-frequency sweep, and a Crunch knob to adjust the compression intensity of the fuzz. Finally, under the hood, the Swollen Pickle MkII has two internal mini controls; Voice sets the intensity of the external scoop control from light to heavy mid cut, and Clip varies between two sets of clipping diodes for smooth or opened fuzz sustain. Texas Rattler Style with Diamond back rattlesnake skin. 


While the Little Martin is Martin's smallest guitar; it is still very big on tone, quality and versatility. It is in my opinion the perfect Parlor Guitar. This LXK2 model features koa high-pressure laminate (HPL) back, sides and top. It is ideal for travel, student practice or for just playing around the house or campfire. It also Comes with a Padded Gig Bag.

Robin's Egg Relic Stratocaster $250.00

This is a Custom Built Stratocaster with HSS style Pickups. Pickups have a vintage Southern Rock Sound. The Finish is a Relic Robin's Egg Blue. The head stock is a complete Wrap of Rattlesnake Skin. The Pickguard is also a Custom Pickguard done in Rattleskin. This is one guitar that looks and sounds amazing. If you buy this guitar at the listed price I will ship it to you Free !!!! anywhere in the Lower 48 United States. You Won't find a custom Guitar at this Price any where else. This is a one of a kind Texas Rattler Creation.


Camacho Guitar & Amp Combo SOLD

A Texas Rattler Original Design Guitar Featuring a Ted Crocker Down Under Magnetic Pickup. The pickup is adorned with a Rattlesnake skin. This guitar is also covered with rattlesnake skin head stock and fret markers. It has Rattlesnake rattles at the base of the neck. The Amp.is a Ted Crocker Custom. This amp Features a Whopping 10 watts, 6 1/2" speaker, volume, gain, overdrive, bass, mid, treble, phones. The power supply cord neatly packs away in the box This is the loudest Cigar Box Amp available to Date. Ted Crocker has gone all out on this amp and it has a special logo and Brass name plate on the back.  This combo also comes with a tweed Guitar Cable, A Black Nylon Guitar Strap, a special Black Ceramic matching slide and count em 12 black matching guitar picks. this is a one of a kind complete matching players set. Buy it today before it is gone forever!!!

Chevy Hubcap Guitar & Amp $229.00

A Texas Rattler Custom Guitar. 1940's Hubcap and Custom Neck. Fretless 4 string Guitar. Has A Dearmond Gold foil Pickup. Sounds Amazing. This guitar has a very unique Delta Sound and is great for Country Blues or Bluegrass. The amp is a Ted Crocker custom cigar box amp which has 10 watts, 6 1/2" speaker, volume, gain, overdrive, bass, mid, treble, phones. This is a very special Package at a Great price. 

Stomp Box & Amp $ 179.00

A Texas Rattler Custom Stomp Box Foot Drum made with A Ted Crocker Gold Nugget pickup. Also a Ted Crocker Bass Amp. with Sound Tubes. This Combo Comes with a Tweed cable and a 9 Volt Battery. This is a portable unit. Great for when you are using another Amp with a Guitar and Microphone and no input for your foot drum. This is a very good deal and you won't find it anywhere else. 

Barn Wood Relic SG $ 199.00

Texas Barn-wood Style with Rattlesnake skin Head stock and Pick-guard. aged Hardware.This is an Epiphone SG . it was originally bought at Guitar center and was completely redone to look old It has the original Gibson Hardware and Electronics that it Came with. I Reliced The parts. I Wrapped the Pick-guard with Rattlesnake skin. The head stock was sanded down to more of a square shape to hold the Rattlesnake Skin Better.
The Neck is an Epiphone Original to this guitar. It has a single Humbucker pickup It was original to this Guitar

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Custom Lo-Fi Radio Vocal Microphone SOLD

Custom Lo-Fi Old Time AM Radio Effect.  This Mic is made from a Vintage AM Transistor Radio. This is a very Cool one of a kind Microphone.  How cool to be singing or talking into an old Am Transistor radio and Your audience is hearing that AM Radio sound.  No 9 volt batteries or any effects pedals. Just old Retro sound. This Mic uses a standard 1/4 in. Instrument cable. No looking for an XLR cable. Just plug in to any Instrument Amplifier. This Mic is a great addition for anyone looking for a Lo-Fi sound. 

Cordoba 20-TM-CE Tenor Ukulele with Case $200.00

A new Cordoba Electric Ukulele. This is a model 20 TM-CE Tenor Cutaway. It has been customized with Rattlesnake skin Headstock and a Texas Star medallion . It also comes with it's own Travel Case. This is a Texas Rattler Custom Ukulele.


Harp Mic $150.00 SOLD

 This Special Microphone is Texas Dirty!!! The Perfect Blues Harp Microphone. This Mic is just a little smaller than the Green Bullet. ( See Picture ) . It has a Vintage Sure 99C86 CM Low-Z Element. It also has a Volume control on the Mic. Plugs into any amp. using a standard 1/4 inch instrument cable (not included ) It has Rattlesnake skin which is a Texas Rattler Signature. You have to get this one if you play a Harmonica.

CBG KIT $ 60.00

CB Gitty Cigar Box Guitar Kit. Includes everything you need to make your own Cigar Box Guitar. These kits make great gifts.

Texas Rattler Lester Pawl Mini - $ 150.00

The signature Texas Rattler Style. Rattlesnake skin Headstock and Rattlesnake skin Fender Humbucker Pickup. Relic Style Hardware. Adjustable Truss Rod. Rosewood Fingerboard with "Dot" Inlays. 14" Fingerboard Radius. 21 medium-jumbo frets. 19" Scale.1.68" nut width. Comes with an Epiphone Mini amp. Amp is 1 watt. it has a 3 inch speaker, 1/4 inch Input Jack, 1/4 inch headphone jack, on/off switch, Clean & overdrive modes. It also comes with a DC 9 volt Power adapter. The 9 volt battery does not work with this amp may have a bad solder joint ?. This Combo deal comes with a Gig Bag with amp pocket. It has a Guitar Cable. and Guitar strap.Also Comes with A Joe Perry Signature Ceramic Slide

Texas Rattler Music & Sounds Album $9.99 - Music Download

Album Cover Music and Sounds

A Texas Flavor Mix of Blues and Rock.  You can hear hints of ZZ Top, Santana, Robert Johnson, Son House and a Hint of Stevie Ray Vaughn. 

All of these great artist have influenced my sound. I am grateful to Family and Friends who encouraged me to make this album. So here it is . ENJOY .

Gotta Go Download $0.99

Gotta Go Cover

Gotta Go is a Texas Rattler Blues original, about leaving, and a typical rambling spirit and of course trains .

Broken Man Blues Download $0.99

Broken Man Blues Cover

This single is a feeling of sadness and brokenness.

Swing Low Download $0.99

Swing Low Cover

Swing Low is a new twist on an old Favorite Gospel song. I wanted to record this version for you . I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Swing Low.

Can I Get An Amen Download $0.99

Can I Get An Amen Cover

This is a song of Hope. I had it in my head and had to record it. This is a Texas Rattler Original Song. 

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