Retro Rattler#1 $2500.00


The Custom Retro Rattler # 1 is the Gold Standard in Texas Rattler Custom Guitars. It has a unique body and headstock design that is made to be superior in        comfort,playability and sound transmission. It Features Schaller Da Vinci tuners. With its stunning appearance the new Schaller Da Vinci™ tuner opens up a fresh and original dimension to guitar tuning and tuner design. Along with its elegant shapes and precious finishes comes the legendary Schaller quality of materials and workmanship.The Da Vinci™ is a state-of-the-art tuning machine featuring flawless construction, ultra smooth action and unparalleled tuning stability.  The Retro Rattler#1 also Features 

 the all new Schaller Signum locking bridge.

Designed to boost your guitar’s sound, playability and looks.
  • Special design locking studs for tight connection and perfect sound coupling
  • Superb tonal definition by state-of-the-art string saddle shaping
  • Perfect natural resonance resulting in rich dynamics, sustain and overtones
  • Top surface elements designed for unparalleled playing comfort
  • Meticulously designed break and pressure angles
  • Optimized string-through-bridge routing for effortless restringing
  • Rectangular ballend retainer holes to prevent untwisting ballends
  • Elegance and versatility for all guitar styles

The pickups are made to look like vintage Gold Foil Pickups. These are GFS dual coil humbuckers with Ferrite magnets and 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire. We wind these on a non magnetic baseplate, and they are specifically wound to give you the smooth, languid relaxed tone of the Gold Foil pickups with all of the high end sparkle and energy... even in a humbucker! You'll find these have the kind of clarity and slice you expect from single coils, with the warmth of smoothness of mini humbuckers, and that unique sweet tone that Gold Foils are famous for.

   The Bridge pickup is wound to 6.6K and the neck to 5.6K. These are wired with our standard  5 wire cable, so they are coil splittable. They are equipped with coil Tap push pull controls, volume and tone controls for each humbucker on the control panel.

The Retro Rattler#1 Body is made from 1 solid piece of Top of The line Quality Quilted Maple. It has a unique sound quality. allowing tonal characteristics of the top to be heard without the addition of extraneous coloration and may even serve to attenuate some of the overtones emanating from the top.

This guitar is unique and will satisfy the most discriminating of guitar players. The Retro Rattler#1 is the result of hundreds of hours research,design and craftsmanship. It also comes with the tweed hard shell case Pictured.This is My Best so far and if you are looking for a Custom Guitar with Style, This is your guitar.







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