Lonely Man Blues

Michael Carl Andress
Michael Carl Andress


Broken Man Blues is a feeling of sadness and Brokenness. It is from a time in my life when my alcoholism was completely out of control. It is about that moment of realization that my life had to change or I would either be in jail or in the grave. I hope that if you find yourself in this position that you find the courage to change. I made the decision to stop drinking 25 years ago. It was a very hard thing to do. and I sometimes still struggle with staying sober and not drinking. I encourage and support you in your journey of sobriety.

We don't have to live that way.  We have the choice to change our lives.

                                                                        Michael C. Andress

                                                                        ( Texas Rattler )

                                                                      Born 1962 - Still Alive

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